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Holiday in the mountains, in the exclusive Mont Blanc Valley

La Thuile

This small town in the heart of the Alps is situated at the crossing of “Piccolo Saint Bernard” pass, the border between France and Italy. Very quiet and reserved location offers a perfect setting for relaxing and recovering from the city crowds and smog air.

La Thuile is an unmissible  relax point for all the travellers passing through this part of Europe, who can enjoy the typical Alpine style landscape, typical restaurants and numerous natural beauties, just a few steps from the street.

La Thuile is in particular an ideal place for all the lovers of nature and mountain sports.
The beautiful mountains surrounding it offer numerous hiking tracks of different levels, from the ones passing through the forests filled with mushrooms and blueberries, to the ones passing through the spectacular glaciers. Just taking a simple walk there is a great possibility to encounter foxes, hares and deer, spotted deer and ibex and admire many species of birds, from the cute dippers to the majestic golden eagle.

The ski resorts provide an access to an infinite network of ski slopes that wind up over the border, allowing skiers to enjoy even on the same skiing day a little leap into culinary delights from across the Alps, sitting in the sun on the terrace of a nice bistro.

The real advantage of La Thuile in winter are the untouched slopes for all tastes and difficulty levels, from the easiest ones, for those a bit lazy, to the most remote and isolated for the true free- ride. The off-piste fans can also count on a large area of heliski ride and flying in helicopter over the highest peaks of Europe take a jump in the fresh snow.
In the summer, the ski slopes are transformed into the paths for mountain biking, that from the bleak location of Les Suches, at over 2,200 meters above the sea level, are dispersed for miles through the woods, ending in the country, maybe in front of a nice ice cream shop.

Also in summer, you can take a step back in time and visit the Cromlech of the Little St. Bernard Pass, the old coal mines, ruins of forts and trenches of the Seventeenth century and buildings from the Roman times.

Some lovely trails will bring you to their disconvery.
For lovers of plants and flowers it can be nice to make a visit to an alpine botanical garden Chanousia.

The lake Verney and numerous streams present the real paradise for the ones like fishing, who can take the permission at the Tourist Office and fully enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Valley of La Thuile has to offer.
For further information on La Thuile, its offers, events, weather and news, you may visit its website:

La Thuile

La Belette

Accogliente Monolocale in Centro a La Thuile